Nearly a decade of Federal and State permitting and development are culminating in the construction of three projects – breaking ground in early 2023

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Montgomery Lock & Dam

MW Capacity

The Montgomery Project, located on the Ohio River in Beaver County, is the largest planned project in the region as a 20 MW hydropower facility.

In addition to providing renewable energy, the Project includes investment in new recreational fishing facilities and a walkway leading from a parking area with designated parking spaces to the fishing platform.

The Montgomery project will also generate around 200 family-wage jobs during construction and invest over $75 million in improving the long-term viability of the dam itself, ensuring decades of renewable energy generation, recreational access, and investment in Beaver County. The Project is expected to break ground in early 2023.

Allegheny Lock & Dam #2

MW Capacity

Located next to the Highland Park Bridge in the City of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny Lock and Dam 2 (Allegheny) project is a highly visible landmark to most southwestern PA and Pittsburgh natives. The facility was originally opened for navigation in 1934 and continues to support these activities today.

In 2018 the University of Pittsburgh signed a landmark power purchase agreement with Rye Development to take all the output from the Allegheny Project. This effort directly supports Pitt’s dual commitment to sustainability and community investment. When complete, the facility will house a learning lab for Pitt students to better understand the operations, design, maintenance, and renewable energy infrastructure that these long-lived assets can play in the decarbonization of the electric grid.

Emsworth Lock & Dam

MW Capacity

Adjacent to Neville Island, the Emsworth Lock and Dam is located on the main channel of the Ohio River, just downstream from downtown Pittsburgh. The facility was originally opened for operation in 1921.

Allegheny County has entered into a power purchase agreement with Rye Development to purchase the majority of renewable electricity from the Emsworth Project. The 35-year agreement and financial investment makes possible the development and financing of new renewable energy capacity right in the county. When operational, the project will cover over 90% of the county’s annual load.

Near Term Projects

Project River Capacity Map
Emsworth Back Channel Lock and Dam Ohio River 12 MW
Grays Landing Lock and Dam Monongahela River 12 MW
Maxwell Lock and Dam Monongahela River 12 MW
Monongahela Lock and Dam #4 Monongahela River 12 MW
Morgantown Lock and Dam Monongahela River 5 MW
Opekiska Lock and Dam Monongahela River 6 MW
Point Marion Lock and Dam Monongahela River 5 MW